This course is recommended to those permanent makeup artists who are experienced in the basic techniques and would like to deepen their knowledge, would like to work in a more sophisticated way. Participants can learn a special hairstroke arrangement and can extend their technical knowledge with other elements as well. With the new practical tricks learned in the course the participants can gain a significant advantage in making eyebrows. They can learn what makes hair stroke eyebrows stereoscopic, how to make personalized hair strokes, how to choose the colors. What tools, tricks and methods are needed to be able to meet our client’s request.

Course duration: 1 day 9am – 6pm

Number of participants: 3-4 people

Course process: 9am – 11am

– advanced theories of hair stroke

– meeting new hair stroke arrangement step by step

– brow types

– practicing on paper or practice skin

– new technical tricks

– most common mistakes

11am – 1:30pm Live demonstration

Alexandra Patkós makes hair stroke eyebrows using advance techniques, when you can see and understand all practical steps. Tips and tricks on how to choose which hair stroke arrangement is the most suitable, how the two sides will be symmetrical, how we can work effectively, what anesthetic should be used, when you can finish the job, etc..

Lunch break: 1:30pm -2pm, to which you are our guest and we order what you would like to have

2pm – 6pm Making permanent makeup on own model

Everyone makes the hair stroking on their own model, we go through the various sections step by step, planning each work section meticulously. The course participants can follow the transformation of each other’s model.

6pm Summary

Re-structuring everything learned, cross talking issues, homework assignment, issuance of certificates.

In the courses we offer full board, coffee, cookies, fruit, lunch, soft drinks, and filtered water.

Pictures about the technique

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More pictures about the training

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