“„I am passionate about permanent makeup and I believe in it unconditionally. I know that you can reach such a high level of proficiency in permanent makeup, which will allow you to have more satisfied customers and will make women’s every-day lives easier. The artistic value of permanent makeup can only be shown by professionals who are committed, conscientious and want to improve their skills.”

Alexandra Patkos

Permanent makeup specialist

The owner of ALEXANDRA PMU brand

The founding member and instructor of Alexandra Academy

The owner of Patkós Alexandra Exclusive Beauty

www.patkosalexandra.hu     www.alexandra-academy.com

www.artistry-eyebrow.com     www.alexandra-academy-shop.com

“I am a committed makeup artist who endeavours to be genuine. I think that permanent makeup is women’s secret friend and I believe it is my duty to promote it. I am afraid I know the bad and frightening side of permanent makeup but what I know best, is its positive and artistic side. It has a great potential, which has allowed millions of women to be more beautiful and to have a more comfortable life.”

How the PMU brand Alexandra was born

Let me start with a personal story. I learnt permanent makeup in 1999 and I have always believed in it without any doubt. However,
I was not in the position to use a professional device and take part in professional trainings right from the start. At the beginning of my career, I started to work with the simplest permanent makeup machines since I could not afford more serious ones and I was scared of investing a larger amount of money. I gained experience using 9-10 different types of machines and I attended dozens of courses. I have long years of experience and I have been to many conferences and courses abroad too. I got to know a variety of styles in permanent makeup in different countries. What I thought to be a disadvantage in the past can be called an advantage today. The experience I gained, made it possible for the brand Alexandra makeup artist and related products to be born. I know exactly which device can be considered to be good and why, what kind of differences there are among machines, what function is necessary and what is not, although it sounds good. I know how much depends on the machine and how much on the expert. One day I realised that I needed to have more machines and pigments if I wanted to use all the techniques in such quality that I expected and the latest trends required. At the same time I also made sure that the skin should not be exposed to too much trauma. I longed for a machine and accessories which combined all the advantages and could make my work easier while I could develop professionally as well.

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Alexandra academy

I believe that I can help committed makeup artists to achieve a higher standard with my experience, modern devices, safe pigments and practical accessories.

Dear Colleague,
If you love your job, you are certainly annoyed about the bad reputation of permanent makeup spread by unprofessional makeup artists. I believe that women can overcome their fears of permanent makeup, if we can provide high quality work. You can definitely reach that among your clients. If you hear from your clients how they are amazed saying: “ Wow, is this a tattoo???, then you will certainly be very happy!!!
Alexandra Patkós

We know how you can succeed!

We know what it means being a beginner and practising on paying customers,…hoping to have better and better permanent makeup devices but finally wondering what the secret really is?!
We know what it is like to be stuck with modest abilities, which can ensure you a living but cannot provide you with real professional challenges.

We also understand your feelings that you are confident as a makeup artist but your perfectionism requires more knowledge.
It is also possible that you have had fewer customers in the last few years and you blame it on the crisis.

We are aware of the steps you need to make in order to become a successful makeup artist and we know all the pitfalls, which can hinder your development and career advancement.
In order to reach your goals, we need to know your wishes and knowledge. If you want to get ahead step by step towards your goals, we can offer you our help with our unique teaching system.
No matter what kind of device you are working with, your approach, your hands and your skills will definitely improve.

Find out about our courses and do not hesitate to consult us to be more successful.