Basic hairstroke eyebrow training

This course is recommended to those permanent makeup artists who have not yet made or learnt how to make hair stroke eyebrow tattoos or have tried it without previous training but failed. Participants can learn about 3 types of hair stroke methods at this basic course apart from the well-known traditional techniques. These three types are far easier to learn than the traditional technique, which consists of hair leaning on one another. We believe that there is a trap in the traditional technique as the beginner permanent makeup artist who only learns it, struggles with it and faces enormous challenges. Thanks to our technique, it is easier to learn how to make nicer and more natural hair stroke tattoos and even the first job can be successful. The knowledge of all the 4 types can enable you to choose the best technique which suits your guest and therefore you cannot make the mistake of making the same eyebrows for everyone.

Course duration: 1st day 9am – 6pm + live-model practice 2 weeks later 10am – 2pm

Number of participants: 3-4 people

Course process:

1st day

9am – 12 noon

– general knowledge

– Diagnosing the eyebrows

– Understanding the four hair stroke methods, steps

– Rules for colors

– Eyebrow design, pre-drawing

– Correct usage of the permanent makeup hand piece during the hair stroke method

– Practicing on practice skin

– Photographic skills

– Most common mistakes

Lunch break: 12 noon -12:30pm, to which you are our guest and we order what you would like to have

12:30pm – 14:30pm Live demonstration

Alexandra Patkós makes hair stroke eyebrows, when you can see and understand all practical steps. Tips and tricks on how to choose which hair stroke arrangement is the most suitable, how the two sides will be symmetrical, how we can work effectively, what anesthetic should be used, when you can finish the job, etc..

3pm – 5:30pm Practicing hair stroking

Everyone makes the hair stroking on a practice skin, we go through the various sections step by step. After the practice skin the participants practice on practice heads too.

5:30pm Summary

Re-structuring everything learned, cross talking issues, homework assignment due in two weeks’ time until the live-model practice.

In the courses we offer full board, coffee, cookies, fruit, lunch, soft drinks, and filtered water.

2nd day / 2 weeks later /

10am – 1pm

Everyone makes hair stroke eyebrow on own model step by step. Pre-drawing, color choice, choosing the hair stroke arrangement, making the permanent makeup.


Summarizing the hair stroke knowledge during a light lunch, repetition, crosstalk, answering questions.

Pictures about the technique

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More pictures about the training

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