II. Area split PMU course

In this form of training the three areas: eyes, eyebrows and lips plus their correction is taught on separate educational weeks. This allocation is intended for those who cannot concentrate on a large learning topic, or maybe this way they can combine the education with their jobs or this form is more affordable for them financially.

  • 1 day general theory
  • 3 days eyebrow theory and practice
  • 3 days eyelid theory and practice
  • 3 days lips theory and practice
  • 4 days correction and classroom observation

Course material is identical to I. option!


The course duration is eight hours a day, starting at a prearranged appointment in the Alexandra AcademyStudio in Zugló – Budapest. All necessary tools, materials, training materials are provided. We suggest the students to make arrangements for their own models, but if necessary we can also provide.

Number of participants: 1 to 4 people

Successful completion of the course is confirmed with a certificate.


Eyebrows: 400,000 HUF + VAT

Eyelids: 300,000 HUF + VAT

Lips:  300,000 HUF + VAT