Classical eyeliner training 

We will teach you how to draw a perfect straight line, how to hold the eyelids, how you can make both sides identical and how you can carry this out without pain! This is the permanent makeup which suits all women and you can recommend it to anyone.  Be a professional and be confident!

This training is for those who would like to be professionals in traditional eye tattoo and would like to do such work at the first occasion that hardly any correction is needed the second time.

You can learn such techniques which allow you to enhance  the eye shape and eye colour of your clients.

The basic course includes the second line done with colors and the pencil effect shading technique too.

Course duration: 1 day 9am – 6pm

Number of participants: 3-4 people

Course process:

9am – 11:30am

– Types of eye permanent makeup

– The shape and thickness of the eyelid line

– Eye-stretching technique

– Precise predrawing technique

– needles

– Coloured eye lines

– Anaesthetics

– Most common mistakes

Lunch break: 11:30am – 12 noon, to which you are our guest and we order what you would like to have

12 noon – 2pm Live demonstration

Alexandra Patkós makes a lower and upper eyelid permanent makeup, when you can see and understand all practical steps. How the two sides will be symmetrical, which eyelid line is most suitable for our client, how we can work effectively, what anesthetic should be used, how to work with the two colors, how to shade the line to a pencil effect, when you can finish the job, what kind of aftercare is necessary, etc..
2pm – 5:30pm Making permanent makeup on own model

Everyone makes the eyelid permanent makeup on their own model, we go through the various sections step by step, planning each work section meticulously. The course participants can follow the transformation of each other’s model.
5:30pm Summary

Re-structuring everything learned, cross talking issues, homework assignment, issuance of certificates.

In the courses we offer full board, coffee, cookies, fruit, lunch, soft drinks, and filtered water.