ALEXANDRA pigments

Alexandra permanent makeup pigments for professional confidence

Thanks to long years of experience and having listened to many permanent makeup artists’ problems and questions, I have come to realise that the pigments I recommend need to have special features.

How can you become confident? We have 7 arguments for it:


  • you can work with skin-friendly pigments
  • you only need a few drops
  • you can use the pigments with any machine
  • it is unbeatable in the microblading technique
  • they remain in the skin for sure
  • the colours are long lasting
  • no iron-oxide composition

1. Safe and skin-friendly composition

 Do you find it reassuring to work with safe pigments which comply with the regulations?

First and foremost you need safety because the pigments you use are inserted in the skin. The ResAP (2008/1) law stipulates how permanent makeup pigments are to be produced. The requirements and regulations are the strictest in Europe in the whole world, therefore I opted for the permanent makeup pigments produced in Germany. There are already methods of measurements which determine exactly the amount of heavy metals in paints, thus granting paints with safer composition. Regulations strictly restrict that no paint should contain any chemicals, constituents causing allergies or colour additives. The Alexandra pigments perfectly meet all the legal requirements. They were produced with the latest production technology and they are anti-allergenic.

All pigments have the necessary licences!

2. Hair stroke eyebrow tattoos from 4 drops!

Are you looking for the secret how to work economically but also efficiently?

As Alexandra pigments do not get dry and thick, they keep their constant consistency, therefore it is easy for you to take drops from them. The pigments do not stick to the side of the tube so all drops can be used. Most part of the pigments will not end up on the cotton wool ball and will not get dry in the pigments holder either! To make an eyebrow, you need 4 drops on average!

3. Ideal consistency

Should we drop or dip them? Which consistency can give the best result? Have you been hindered by the negative features of your pigments’ consistency?

The Alexandra pigments have a dense liquid consistency which allows both dropping and dipping in needle cap or module as well. You might as well work swapping the techniques. Dipping is recommended for precise, thin lines, dropping is more ideal for larger shaded surfaces.

The pigments do not contain alcohol so you do not need to face such unpleasant implications that the paint dries up in the needle cap or the content of the tube becomes too thick or dusty over a few weeks. The liquid without alcohol does not dry the skin. Due to the revolutionary production technology, its composition contains specifically skin-friendly substances.

After opening the tube, the content can be stored for a long time and the paint keeps its consistency and quality!

The pigment is just as fluid to get through the needle to the skin. Its consistency is perfect so that the needle can penetrate the skin more easily.

If you work rarely as permanent makeup is not your main job, these pigments are just what you need!

4. It is unbeatable for the microblading technique.

Do you make hair stroke eyebrow tattoos with both techniques (manually and with the machines/? Is it annoying for you to keep 2 types of pigments to get the best result?

I have been making hair stroke eyebrow tattoos with the microblading technique for 2 years now. Not only have I tried many types of pigments for this technique but my guests have also returned to have their makeup refreshed. Alexandra pigments are perfect for the microblading technique and the result speaks for itself. It surpasses all previous experiences! The healed little hair strokes are extremely thin with even content of pigments. They do not mix up but remain separate. The colour shades are natural, each hair remains graceful, so the general impression is even more realistic than before!

5. Natural colours, efficient work

Does it often bother you that pigments do not remain in the skin as you wished for?

Thanks to the high content of pigments and the perfect consistency, the tattoos made with Alexandra pigments are really successful because the pigments remain in the skin more easily. You do not need to be afraid that nothing can be seen in the skin after the pre- drawing process and after the first lines are finished. The colours do not fade during the tattoo process, therefore work becomes a pleasant experience. The pigments get to the right place with light soft movements of the hand. The handle can be held in any angle during the tattoo process.

6. Long lasting pigments

Do you know why the colour of pigments get lighter?

As the current permanent makeup techniques cannot be compared with old techniques, the pigments cannot be either! The current strict laws and restrictions and the general natural impression all contribute to the fact that permanent makeup tattoos of today last less long than 10-20 years ago. As soon as the pigments get into the skin, the defence system of the body starts absorbing them. The immune processes slow down with the time, therefore permanent makeup lasts longer in case of more mature generations. Other factors such as UV light, pregnancy, breastfeeding, dying eyelashes and eyebrows with oxidation can also influence the fading process.

Due to the high content of pigments, the Alexandra colours last longer and they are more stable.

7. Composition without iron-oxide

Would you try something new?

One of the main problems of permanent makeup artists and guests is that brown eyebrows become red after a while and due to the features of the hair stroke technique, this time can be as short as one year or less. The Alexandra pigments do not contain iron-oxides so eyebrows can maintain their brown colour.

Have a look at the colour palette!