ALEXANDRA Exclusive PMU device

With 2 different handpiece

For those who want perfection without compromises! The combination of professionalism and art.

Your knowledge has no limits with this permanent makeup machine! With all the benefits and functions which allow you to make any kind of complicated technique efficiently, quickly and economically. We recommend it to you if you work hard or if you want to develop your permanent makeup services. If you long for a machine which is ideal for all existing and future techniques. A machine combining the benefits of needle cap and module machines. In addition, it has extremely gentle needle work, it creates considerably less trauma for the skin and it allows quick healing.

We recommend it to you

  • if you are PMU expert
  • if you deal with PMU  most of your time
  • if you need to work with more machines because you have not found the ideal one yet
  • if your knowledge is not perfect yet but you know that you want to have a career in this
  • if you are a beginner but you would like to plan for a long run
  • if you would like to elaborate the most modern techniques easily, fast and efficiently
  • f it is important for you to work with a cutting edge machine in your salon
  • if you want to work with new needle modules but at the same time you do not want to give up on the benefits of the old number 1 needle
  • if you find it important to use 4 sizes of needle number 1, thus giving you a huge advantage
  • if your aim is not just the PMU function but you would like to make Mezo facial treatment with the module handle.

Which handpiece would you like to use with?

Classical handpiece

The classical  handpiece includes the needle and the needle cap in sterile packaging. They are disposable!

This handpiece is special because it includes a great variety of needles. You can choose from 4 sizes of needles in the case for needle number 1. You can work with the normal size 0.3 on the eyelid, eyeshades, lip contour but you can use a 0.25,a 0.20,or a 0.16 extremely thin needle which will allow you to make considerably nicer, thinner and softer hair stroke eyebrows. Due to the extra thin needle cap, you can do a really precise job as you can perfectly see where the needle goes. The length of the needle is adjustable. It is suitable to drop the pigment or to dip it. You can choose from the 3,5,7 round or flat group of needles too for the shading techniques.

The handle is extremely light, easy to hold and it has a minimal vibration. In case of proper use, no failure can occur and the machines need only to be checked if some problems can be detected.


Module handpiece


The comfortable choice.

You can place the disposable sterile needle module into the handle with a bayonet fitting with a quick move. The module consists of one unit, which includes the needle and the needle cap too. What is really advantageous compared to other modules is that it is suitable for dropping and dipping pigments too so you can work with precision and economically as well.

The module handpiece includes a normal 0.35 and a mini number 1 0.2 needle allowing fine details and elaborating fine hair strokes. For shaded surfaces, you can choose from round and flat number 3,5,7 groups of needles. The Mezo module allows you anti-aging skin regeneration and targeted insertion of active ingredients. The handle is extra light, easy to hold with minimal vibration. In case of proper use, no failure can occur and the machines need only to be checked if some problems can be detected.