Hair stroke eyebrow techniques

Alexandra Academy is specialised in hair stroke eyebrow tattoos. We use more than 10 types of hair stroke designs, including the Rainbow, the 3D effect techniques, the transformation of shaded eyebrows to hair stroke eyebrows, men eyebrows, and our own special hair stroke technique.

Click on the option Artistry Eyebrow to find eyebrows made by hand!

We teach serious theoretical and practical knowledge, which makes it possible to create realistic eyebrows for all ages, all ethnical groups, all types of eyebrows and all kinds of needs. In our teaching system, we teach our students to think and to gain special, sophisticated knowledge thanks to the large number of hair stroke designs we offer.


Our eyebrow measuring and planning method

Nowadays, it is trendy to use measuring instruments in the planning process for eyebrows. These are really spectacular but are they reliable as well? How is it possible to plan with them efficiently? You can find out about how to measure, plan, pre-draw at our courses. You would be surprised to see what kind of measuring instrument we have! Its magnificence is in its simplicity!! It is always popular at our courses!

We do not want you to cherish false hopes and think that you can work without making any mistakes right after the end of our course as the machine-made hair stroke eyebrow technique is one of the hardest techniques.  Unfortunately it is not possible to start with the artistic level right away as your hand needs to practise a lot to become better and better, more and more flexible and more and more sophisticated. The given modules are sequentially structured, techniques become more complicated and more complex. There lies the beauty of learning.  We can, however, guarantee you that you will be able to create tattoos of high quality after completing our course. You can encourage your clients to have their eyebrows embellished and you can charge a rightful fee without hesitation. You can gain such knowledge and know-how in a short time that will enable you to expand your customer base significantly.

It is up to you how quickly you would like to develop your skills and what level you would like to accomplish depending on your needs and your customers’ needs. It is worth leaving at least 3-6 months for practice between each module as each is significantly more complicated than the other. 

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Pictures about the technique

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Pictures about the training

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