3D lip shading training

Something new for advanced permanent makeup artists is the 3D lip shading in which we learn how to work with several shades.

With this technique we can work on the lips with 2-3-4 colors, thereby enhancing the stereoscopic effect. This is one of the latest PMU trends, which can be beautifully made on a moderately full or full lips.

This course is for permanent makeup artists who are familiar with the classical lip shading and are delighted to learn more complicated techniques.

 Course duration: 1 day 9am – 6pm

Number of participants: 3-4 people

Course process:

9am – 12 noon

– Theoretical knowledge of lip shading

– 3-dimensional depiction

– Selection of colours

– 3D effect technical knowledge

– Predrawing

– Most common mistakes

Lunch break: 12 noon – 12:30 pm, to which you are our guest and we order what you would like to have

12:30pm – 2pm Live demonstration

Alexandra Patkós makes a lip shading permanent makeup, when you can see and understand all practical steps. How to stretch the skin so the outline is sharp but not to swipe the contour in the meantime, what shape is most suitable for our client, how to work with multiple colors in one work phase, how we can work effectively, what anesthetic should be used, how to work on the sensitive areas, what kind of aftercare is necessary, etc..

2pm – 5:30pm Making permanent makeup on own model

Everyone makes the 3D lip shading permanent makeup on their own model, we go through the various sections step by step, planning each work section meticulously. The course participants can follow the transformation of each other’s model.

5:30pm Summary

Re-structuring everything learned, cross talking issues, homework assignment, issuance of certificates.

In the courses we offer full board, coffee, cookies, fruit, lunch, soft drinks, and filtered water.

Pictures about the technique