Basic trainings

We believe in knowlegde and practice!

Alexandra Academy’s permanent makeup basic training is suggested for those cosmeticians who are sure that they want to expand their service by providing quality permanent makeup and in the meantime safety and aesthetics are highly important to them. This training is for those who find it important to learn from an instructor who not only have great experience, but also use the latest trends and tools on a daily basis, and well understand the world of permanent makeup.

Since we have great experience in all kinds of PMU devices therefore to complete our basic course it is not a criteria to buy the ALEXANDRA PMU device!!

We do not believe that you can learn permanent makeup in a couple of days, so the duration of the basic training we offer is 14 days! During our advanced training courses we met many permanent makeup artists and listened to their problems so we expanded our training material with elements that help you to be more confident at the beginning, as a prospective permanent makeup artist you could make less mistakes and it helps you find the solution to your problems by yourself easier. This training is offered in several forms, but as the most optimal option we suggest you the 1st one lasting for several weeks, because it is the one that gives you the most time available for you to process a lot of new information. As PMU is a responsible profession, therefore prolonging the learning period provides an opportunity to reveal pitfalls and difficulties. All pupils have individual advantages and specific flaws. There are some who are very susceptible to the theoretical part while others are much smarter in the practical tricks. At the end of the education and training session the interconnection of the theoretical and practical knowledge can make someone a clever PMU artist.

Optional forms of trainings

We offer our basic trainings in various forms since we know that there are some of you who are free to manage their time, some attend classes besides work, others want to move in small steps and some live abroad and only visit Budapest for the duration of the training.

Our 10 + 4-day PMU basic training is available in four forms

Pictures about the training

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