Alexandra Academy

Would you like to be a professional makeup artist?

Would you like to learn the latest techniques?

Did you know that you can choose from 10 different types of silky eyebrow

Those who have a profession, also have a mission. We are passionate about permanent makeup and our vocation is to provide high quality services, so that women can become more beautiful, more satisfied with their appearance and can wear reliable permanent makeup suited to their personality. 

Unfortunately, many women are still afraid of permanent makeup and they reject it without knowing its latest methods and results. The main reason for such behaviour is that you can still see badly made tattoos and you can hear horror stories about it. Many makeup artists start to work without having enough experience and cannot improve their skills as fast as the latest trends would require.

The job of a permanent makeup artist seems to be easy. However, while working, many artists realise that its secret lies in the details. One must face a number of challenges, failures and problems before finally achieving the best results and providing quality work. In addition, we also need to consider the expectations of the client and the artistic value of the job done. It is like how figure skating is judged based on two  different assessment systems: the technical score and the artistic aspect. The combination of the two determines the quality of our work. It is not enough to be good at just one or the other. We need to have multi-level and complementary knowledge and skills, which make us become the makeup artist who can be recognised by the clients and whose work deserves credit.

We believe that training makeup artist colleagues and providing high quality education would enable better results and more satisfied customers, who could spread the good reputation of makeup artists. As a result, women would be less reluctant towards permanent makeup.

The Alexandra Academy has established such a professional training system that can offer a unique opportunity to those who would like to develop their skills by providing really high quality work, to those who wish to improve, to reach the top or to those who just  want to keep their position.

Can you see that others do it better but you do not know how?

Have you taken part in many courses but you still think that your knowledge is not satisfactory?

Would you feel better if you knew more about colour schemes? 

We know how you can succeed!

We know what it means being a beginner and practising on paying customers,…hoping to have better and better permanent makeup devices but finally wondering what the secret really is?!
We know what it is like to be stuck with modest abilities, which can ensure you a living but cannot provide you with real professional challenges.

We also understand your feelings that you are confident as a makeup artist but your perfectionism requires more knowledge.
It is also possible that you have had fewer customers in the last few years and you blame it on the crisis.

We are aware of the steps you need to make in order to become a successful makeup artist and we know all the pitfalls, which can hinder your development and career advancement.
In order to reach your goals, we need to know your wishes and knowledge. If you want to get ahead step by step towards your goals, we can offer you our help with our unique teaching system.
No matter what kind of device you are working with, your approach, your hands and your skills will definitely improve.

Find out about our courses and do not hesitate to consult us to be more successful.

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