I. Classic training

We recommend this because it is the most optimal form of learning!

This form of training is for a 5 week period twice a week in 8 hours each day. Ideally the 2 days are not scheduled so that one day follows the other, but they are 2-3 days apart. For example, on Monday and Thursday. The training materials are based on each other, for the intervening days we give homework as well and every day we start with a brief test in the previous topic. During the 10-day intensive training the student makes several permanent makeups on all areas.

+2 days
It is also an important part of the learning process to evalueate the work done and teach you how to make a PMU correction properly 1 month later. How to improve the color, the shape, the guest’s request. Therefore, also for the correction of the PMUs made during the intense first 10 days you need to come to us with your models. In the two days the student completes the PMUs and then can start to work independently.

+2 days
We know that when learning a new profession and during its application in practice the beginner PMU artist could meet a lot of questions, uncertainties and frustrating situations. Therefore, we provide +2 educational days within 3 months from the commencement of the course, when students can visit the salon and watch our work, may ask, repeat and have a discussion with us on practical problems.

Educational topics:

  • PMU Basics
  • Recommendations, contraindications
  • The world of PMU nowadays
  • Skin anatomy, skin types
  • Equipment, pigments, accessories
  • Hygiene rules at work
  • Color theory, color selection
  • Design, pre-drawing
  • Client communications
  • Theory and Practice of eyebrow PMU
  • Eyebrow design
  • Shaded and hair stoke eyebrow PMU
  • Theory and Practice of eyelid PMU
  • Classic eyeliner in black and color
  • Theory and practice of lip PMU
  • Lip half and full shading
  • Basics of using skin colors
  • Methods of practicing on practice skin
  • The role of the correction in PMU
  • Changes available via correction
  • Photography Basics
  • Conflict Management
  • Marketing skills
  • PMU Success Code


The course duration is eight hours a day, starting at a prearranged appointment in the Alexandra AcademyStudio in Zugló – Budapest. All necessary tools, materials, training materials are provided. We suggest the students to make arrangements for their own models, but if necessary we can also provide.

Number of participants: 1 to 4 people

Successful completion of the course is confirmed with a certificate.

1,000,000 HUF + VAT

After a 300,000 HUF initial deposit the payment is possible in weekly installments!

Our students learn about the PMU Success Code, can learn the 5 Secrets to success!

Our students learn about the PMU Success Code, can learn the 5 Secrets to success!